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If you are interested in dying fibres in an ecofriendly way, then this beautiful hard cover book of Natural Dyeing With Plants is exactly where you need to start. The amazing array of colours that can be achieved through natural elements is beyond what I had ever imagined and it is exciting to see where plants can take your fibres and fabric.


This book specifically delves deep into the fascinating luminosity of colours from plants and how these can be easily transferred to wool, silk, or other materials at home.


The book covers history behind plant dyeing, suitable plants, materials, equipment and dyeing methods, including Eco printing in detail. It is accompanied with clear images and goes one step further with some ideas on what to do with your fibres once you have dyed them.

Franziska Ebner lives in Salzburg and has been dyeing with plants for about 30 years. She makes the dyed textiles into jewellery and decorative accessories, which she sells at artisan markets and exhibitions. Romana Hasenohrl is a freelance author and also lives in Salzburg.

• Offers a history of dyeing textiles with plants
• Extensive list of plants and plant materials you can use for dyeing
• Covers dyeing via Eco printing and solar dyeing

338 colour images

Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/07/2018
RRP: $49.99
Pages: 152
Dimension: 228mm X 228mm


Book | Natural Dyeing With Plants

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