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Enjoy learning how to knot and create stunning pieces of macrame with this beautiful book.Macrame Decor introduces fashionable and useful interior decor items created with macrame - a form of textile created using knotting techniques.


"Boho chic style" decor, which borrows fromboth bohemian styles and hippie styles, is currently quite popular.


Twenty-five macrame projects are featured with step-by-step instructions and techniques. From plant hangers and tapestries, to screens and dream catchers, there's something of interest for everyone.


AUTHOR:Marchen Art is a craft studio based in Tokyo. They teach a variety of workshops on how to createand incorporate macrame into your home decor. 200 illustrations MARCHEN ART STUDIO Pages: 112 Category: Craft / DIYRelease Date: 01/04/2019RRP: $34.99

Book | Macrame Decor

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