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A vegan friendly yarn that has the look and feel of a silk, bamboo yarn is soft, smooth and luminescent.


Our new range of bamboo yarns are hand spun and come in 100g skeins and is suited to knitting, crochet and weaving.


Due to the hand spun nature this is a thick and thin yarn. Approx 75m

A remarkable natural resource that is much greener then cotton, bamboo requires no chemicals and much less water to grow. It also easily replenishes itself from its own root system, leaving a lighter footprint on growth and harvesting.Bamboo also removes carbon dioxide from the air and releases more oxygen into the environment, it also is 100% biodegradable. Bamboo is a regenrated fibre and has a silky look and feel to it. Bamboo textiles are light, breathable and smooth.

Bamboo Yarn

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