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Adeptly named this cotton braided yarn has a beautiful shimmer feature throughout Reminiscent of a mermaids tail. 


Composition: 74% Cotton – 44% Viscose - 13% Lurex
Length: about 100 meters for 100 g / 109 yards for 3.5 oz


Ariel comes from the skilful mixing of very different yarns, and this is exactly what makes it fabulous. Differences, as we know, if well balanced always exhibits a richness. With yarn as with life, if you manage to harmonize the opposites, the result can be incredibly beautiful.

Ariel has a recycled cotton soul with a casual look that was fun to combine with lurex, for a touch of glam.

The result is a simple but precious yarn, easy to work with and capable of making even the most basic of pieces special. It is an outsider amongst yarns that strays from the usual fashion paths.
In addition, it is made in a semi-artisan way and is produced entirely in Tuscany and for this reason also more sustainable.


Perfect for knitting and crochet, but also for macrame and hand weaving.

Ariel | Artisan Yarn by DHG

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