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This beauty is embroidered Sari silk cord which has been lovingly created by rolling and stitching recycled sari silk into a thin, textured ribbon.


Offering the luxe look and shine you know and love from sari silk ribbon, the cord has been slow stiched to create a bespoke cord for fibre artists.


Made from recycled sari silk fabric scraps, collected from sari manufacturers in India, the silk ribbons are hand dyed and embroidered. As with all our recycled products there can be some differences between skeins, often lending to the appeal and beauty of the yarn. 


This cord is full of character, unique and a great addition to your fibre stash. The embroidery does add an element of stiffness to the yarn, but it is still easy to handle and is ideal for weaving. It is also a great option for wrapping, basket making and crochet. 


Each skein is approximately 100g in weight, with approximately 35m per roll.


Another beautiful, fair trade and sustainable product that you will love.

Stitched Sari Silk Cord

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