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Clare - May Fibre Artist Feature

I stumbled across Jade and Frankie at the start of my weaving journey a couple of years ago when searching for other local Adelaide weavers and absolutely loved what I saw.

Officially we e-met early 2020 when I participated in FibreShare for my second time. FibreShare was a world wide fibre swap for all fibre crafts and it was a great way to get to know your fibre community. Unfortunately like many things, Covid created havoc across the process and it has not continued since its last round, which is when I met Clare. For this particular round I had chosen to participate within Australia and Clare was appointed as one of my partners, which was exciting because we were both from Adelaide. With FibreShare you receive two partners, one to send to and one to receive from. Clare was to send a parcel to me. She did and it was a delicious and delightful package of yarn plus a super cool project bag. This package also included a cloud loom which introduced me to the art of shaped loom weaving, something Clare is very experienced at.

I love Clare's individual style, which she carries across both her shaped loom and large tapestries. Clare's work is beautiful and has been showcased in some local artist exhibitions too. I especially love her amazing half round weaves. Genius!

Lets learn more about Clare from Jade and Frankie and be sure to check out her tip for makers. I couldn't agree more.

Tell us in a few sentences a little bit about yourself:

Hi! I'm Clare from Jade & Frankie. I grew up in Tasmania, met my husband in Sydney, and now we live in Adelaide with our 3 primary school-aged kids. We love it here and it's definitely become home for us.

Please share one random/ interesting fact about you.

I learnt Polish folk dancing as a child. Those costumes are incredible, so tactile.

Which fibre art/s has sent you down the rabbit hole?

Weaving, although I have dabbled in crochet/amigurumi, knitting, macrame and punch needling too!

How long have you been creating?

Since I can remember. My mum was always sewing and I loved to go through her fabrics and sew things too. I loved to do cross stitch kits and make soft toys as gifts. Crochet came a bit later.

Weaving came into my life in 2014.

How/Why did you get into it?

After becoming a mum, my spare time for sewing was so limited. I didn't feel like it was worth trying to make time for it because by the time I was set up, I'd have to pack everything away again, out of reach of little hands. I really missed that feeling of creating things with my hands.

Then one day I read an article about the work of fibre artist Natalie Miller. I hadn't ever come across weaving before, and the article showed a piece she had made from a drawing by her daughter. It really intrigued me and I decided I wanted to give it a try. She offered workshops and I asked my husband to get me a ticket to one as a Christmas gift that year.

What are your future fibre goals?

I'm often asked if I teach, and I would like to give it a try - hopefully this year.

What is it about fibre art that makes you love it the way you do? I love the freedom of it. I get to explore so many different fibres and textures, and play with so many colour combinations. Also, the feeling of creating something from nothing is pretty special.

What is your most challenging piece to date?

My first couple of extra large custom wall hangings were definitely challenging. Changing the scale that I was used to working in, while meeting clients own vision was a learning curve. It took some extra work and plenty of communication but the outcomes were worth it!

How have you learnt your craft - self-taught, workshops, books, online tutorials?

After that first workshop where I learnt the basics, I've taught myself through online tutorials, trial and experience.

Do you have a favourite book or tutorial you would recommend?

I found the website The Weaving Loom really helpful for tutorials early on, and books by The Unusual Pear and Hello Hydrangea are great for inspiration too.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about getting into the craft but isn’t sure?

Just start! And if you're not sure about investing in equipment, you can make a simple loom from cardboard to trial it first.

Best Tip or Trick?

There is no wrong way to do something. Once you get going, you'll find you have your preferred way of doing a technique and it may be different to someone else - that's ok!

What is your favourite knot/technique to do? Why I have two, soumak - for its beautiful texture and rya loops - for its adaptability. The loops can make for a dramatic (and quick) fringe or smaller areas of nubbly texture.

Neutrals or colour?

Colour. Always!

Are you drawn to pattern or texture?

Definitely texture.

What would you say is your style? Geometric, boho etc.

Organic? Is that a style?

What is your favourite VADA BLUE fibre to use and why?

The embroidered sari cord is a new favourite, sari silk ribbon is a classic.

Where can you find your work? Ie: online, markets, website, shop?

Online at and I'm hoping to get back to doing more markets this year.

If you have a social media account – let us know.

Instagram Facebook

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