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Anita Pate - Fibre Artist Feature. A Story of Wearable Art

Get ready to be wowed. After a little unplanned hiatus the fibre artist feature is back with an incredible showcase of wearable macrame art. For those of you who create macrame, you are already aware of the time and skill it takes to bring a large scale piece together, often there is planning, perhaps some guesswork and some mathematics to ensure you have enough cord, let alone the pattern creation and actual knotting, but imagine doing this for a piece that is going to be worn. Measurements here are even more important, there is less opportunity for layers to hide any accidental imperfections and to ensure a perfect fit your tensions must be on point!

This is what Anita, our December and final fibre artist feature for 2022 does for many of her incredible pieces. Anita has a passion for bridal and wedding boho inspired themes and creates stunning pieces as wedding backdrops and accessories through her business Wild Flowers and Lace, but I believe her most impressive pieces are her macrame dresses.

These beauties are making women feel like the goddesses they are and it is so exciting to see macrame used in this way. It is also exciting to see macrame acknowledged in this way, with Anita recently winning a local competition for one of her dresses and angel wings. I have to say that I also love that this dress was created using our premium bamboo string.

Read more about Anita below and check out some of her incredible pieces.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hello fellow fibre artists, admirers, lovers and those that are yet to be. My name is Anita Pate. I am 39 years old living in Glastonbury, near Gympie in sunny Queensland. I'm a mum of two, my daughter is 7.5 years and my son is 6. We live on 8 acres of land, very pretty little spot with lots of timber to supply me with branches for my wall hangings. We also have a pile of animals to complete our Zoo... 4 horses, 1 dog, 2 cats and 3 guinea pigs. As a stay at home mum and always been crafty, trying to figure out how I could stay at home and still have an income, with loads of natural talent for creating, it was just a choice of what and how? A little business intro is below.

Wildflowers and Lace inspires elegance that is Bohemian styled weddings, events and special occasions. We deal in everything macramé. From wedding back drops, dresses, bouquet wraps, table settings all the way down to serviette rings and more. I tailor make your wedding keepsake to your requirements and if your a bride that loves colour, our extensive colour range will not disappoint. Could you imagine a beautiful macramé art masterpiece to display in your home forever. We use the highest quality materials and source 100% recycled cotton where possible. The texture and softness of this cord is truly amazing. I pride myself on a high standard of communication, quick turn around and with regular check-ins on design plans and progress of your special custom orders to assure your needs are meet, there is no stress involved and you absolutely love the finished product. We hire out our beautiful Macramé Collection on request, your dream bohemian wedding is just a call away. If your looking for a unique Hens night party experience , why not try out our “Knotting Mad Party” catered just for you and your tribe of bridesmaids. All our stunning Macramé Collection is handmade with loving attention to detail by myself.

Please share one random/ interesting fact about you.

I do my own farrier work, trimming and shoeing horses. I learnt at Emerald Agriculture College in 2002. I was an American Tribal Style dancer for 14 odd years, a type of belly dancing. I was the made the tribes sewing seamstress.

Which fibre art/s has sent you down the rabbit hole?

Which fibre art is my jam? Macramé in a big way and hopefully add some macramé weaving to the mix very soon.

How long have you been creating?

I started in October 2019 with my first project being a dream catcher with feathers, for my best friends birthday. I thought how hard could it be.... and learnt knots as I went.

How/Why did you get into it?

I have always admired the wall hangings from a far for years and I had time to play with some sort of creative outlet. The more I did, the more my love of it grew.

What are your future fibre goals?

To set up my home studio, to give back and teach this amazing ancient art form. The beautiful mental health benefits of creating and learning something new. I like telling people how it's a moving meditation for your mind, just like yoga is meditation for your body. It's amazing and I just love it.

What is it about fibre art that makes you love it the way you do?

For such a simple craft, with only needing your hands as tools and your imagination to create beautiful art pieces that bring excitement, joy and beauty to any space or fashion accessory! Truly so adaptable to anything and so many uses to mention.

What is your most challenging piece to date?

My Angel Wings for sure and the longest process as well. I had to start from scratch with designing my wing frame to hold up 6 – 8 rolls of rope and still be light enough to carry them for hours. So I made up a template with my design and had a local fabricator to bend and weld up my wings with Aluminium rods... Not Cheap, by the way.. Then I had to come up with a pattern that would work in the frame and still look like an actual angel wing!!! Oh and the tricky bit was writing everything down so I can repeat it... the fun and games of custom designing at it's best.

Do you have a favourite book or tutorial you would recommend?

Not really, but finding the right learning platform for you is a must! Try all of them, books, videos written instructions and pick what suits you best.

Is there a fibre artist that inspires you the most?

Anyone who spikes my interests really, an amazing idea or a different way of using your macramé talents. But I love “ Lots of Knots Canada”, “Teddy and Wool” and a few ladies in the macramé dress fashion world of course.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about getting into the craft but isn’t sure?

It's highly addictive... the way it makes you feel, it has a calming effect on you. Your hands are busy, but your mind turns off and the world becomes slow again. A peaceful feeling comes over you.

Best Tip or Trick?

Sharp scissors are a must. Wetting your fringe/tassels before you cut them will help with your angles. A round cutter is super handy and tying knots at the ends of your cut cords before attaching them will stop the ends from unravelling before you finish your project.

What is your favourite knot/technique to do? Why

I love them all and learning new patterns and pattern combo's.

Neutrals or colour?

I love both, but colour brings a whole new level and can show off a pattern and the texture of a design so well. Never be afraid of colour!!

Are you drawn to pattern or texture?

I'm most definitely a pattern lover and my OCD thrives on it. Absolutely love the repeating patterns within a macramé masterpiece.

What would you say is your style? Geometric, boho etc

I'm really adaptable with creating a lot of different styles and anything custom is where I shine and thrive.

What is your favourite VADA BLUE fibre to use and why?

Oh the Bamboo String for sure. So soft, silky smooth and heavenly in every way.

Where can you find your work? Ie: online, markets, website, shop?

You can find us online, wedding expos and just a few selected markets throughout the year.

If you have a social media account – let us know.

Feel free to add anything else you think of that people might find useful or interesting.

I love creating anything using my macramé talents but I love making dresses and any fashion wearable art. I have won at local shows and just won at the Ekka,the Brisbane Royal Show with my Macrame Angel Wings and dress, how cool it that! I was entered into the make and model of natural fibres Fantasy Section. So I am and Award Winner which is just the best feeling.

I love when all your hard work comes together and pays off. I am also breaking into the wedding world with my macramé wedding hire options available. I would love to make your dreams come true and spread a little bit of macramé magic on your special day.

With loads of new Backdrops in the making for the end of this year and early in 2023, head over and share the love, tag a macramé mad friend and make sure to follow to get the latest news on new creations coming soon.

Thank you all so much for supporting small business, women in business, handmade and for choosing art with heart. Lots of Love Anita.

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