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Our Fine Merino combed wool tops are a soft 23 microns with an average staple length of 75-80mm.  Made from 100% Australian and New Zealand Merino wool that also comes from non-mulesed flocks, our fine combed tops are a delight to work with and are great for beginner spinners as it is not too slippery. 


Wool tops are a fantastic all round product for the fibre artist. Combed tops differ to roving in that the fibres are perfectly aligned, creating a sleek and smooth fibre that is easy for spinning; however you will now find that it is also often referred to as wool roving.


With many uses across weaving, carding, spinning and felting, just to name a few, our extra fine wool tops are a great way to add colour and texture to your weaves or Macrame, and it certainly spins beautifully.


Our wool tops are available in 2 length/weight options.


Approx 50g will give you 2 metres in length and 100g will give you 4 metres in length. 


If using for weaving, these lengths can very easily be split into 2 or 4 which goes a very long way.  

Be sure to never cut your wool tops but to always pull apart.


1kg bumps available on pre order. Contact Vada Blue for details on bulk orders. 

Scarlett | Merino Combed Top

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