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The lustruious look and feel of Tencel will make your creations stand out form the rest. 


Tencel is an environmentally friendly yarn created from eucalyptus that has undergone the Lyocell process. This is a a process that transforms wood into textile fibre


Tencel is made from only certified trees and in a closed loop cycle which means that 99% of the water and solvent chemicals that are used to create Tencel are recovered and reused again. The solvents used during this process are also low toxic and are reported to be non-harmful to humans. Tencel is also compostable and biodegradable. A huge win for the textile industry. 


Currently only available in two colours Duck Egg and Mallard it makes this specialty limited editions string rare and even more beautiful. 


The tencel macrame string has a very similar feel to the 100% Bamboo which is super soft and silky.


This stunning product is manufactured in Turkey like the original luxe range and Silk Touch range. Each spool is measured by weight not length and as each dye run may present slight variations please ensure you order enough to complete your project.


5mm rolls - approx 150 meters

4mm rolls - approx 180 meters

3mm rolls - approx 240 meters


Please note that this product is currently a limited edition as it is new to the market.  If I have one suggestion it is to get your hands on at least one of these rolls before they are gone.

Tencel Macrame String

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