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The Blue Stone Fibre bundle is a beautiful selection of ribbons with tones of blue and sand.  Included you will even find our Honey Aari Cotton Ribbon not yet online but a soon to be new Vada Blue addition. 


For all the makers who want to try new things, explore new textures and sample new colours this purple fibre pack is for you. 


Each pack includes


- Storm Linen Frizz

- Blue Stone Khadi Ribbon

- Arctic Sari Silk Ribbon

- Honey Aari Ribbon

- Fawn Australian Cotton String


This pack gives you loads of texture, beautiful colours and inspiration for sand and sea... well it does for me anyway.


Fibre packs are the quickest and most cost effective way to receive multiple different materials in one purchase. These fibre bundles have been designed with weavers and Macra-weavers in mind, to provide beautiful, high quality fibres to create a stand out piece. Use your fibre pack as a guide for colour exploration, or in addition to a palette you have already got going on.


Our fibre packs make great sampler boxes, allowing you to explore the Vada Blue range and get creating on those smaller projects full of colour and texture without having to always purchase full skeins of yarn and fibre, which ultimately can become costly and no good for those space poor. Fibre packs will consist of a variety of different materials across all the ranges currently available and may include wool roving, macramé cotton string, sari silks, velvet ribbons and other specialty fibres and fabrics. Each fibre pack will be limited, some more than others and a new one will be released at the start of each month.

Blue Stone | Fibre Pack

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