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Whats In the BeWeave Box? A Winter Special

Seasons provide such incredible inspiration for colour with their changing sky’s and varied fauna. So with winter upon us and forever providing moody wet and wintry days I wanted to capture some of the tones you may see in the sky before a storm. I also felt that a winter theme allowed for easy expression through different textures recreating rolling clouds, thunder storms, lightning strikes and fog.

I therefore went for soft, squishy, floofy and fluffy yarns along with some bold, strong colours to fill our June BeWeave Yarn and Fibre subscription box.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in our June Winter Box

Storm – Cotton Frizz Storm Break – Ommul Yarn

Cloud – Merino Wool Top White – Funky Chunky Alpaca

Loom – Medium Cloud

Cotton frizz is often a nice introduction to the wider range of yarns and fibres out there for some makers. Due to its softness, delicious range of colours and of course that beautiful frizz along its edge, for those wanting to explore new fibres and bring more texture they can see as well as feel, cotton frizz delivers. Not only is cotton frizz amazing to weave with but it can also be knitted and crocheted and really adds an extra element to the wrapped rainbows. Our dark grey represents the rolling, moody storm clouds of winter.

From the beginning, the BeWeave Yarn and Fibre Boxes were designed to introduce makers to new yarns and fibres and in doing so help inspire creativity. The stunning Ommul Yarn was one of these brand new yarns for me and I love that I am getting to also experience the excitement of trying new things too by putting these boxes together.

For no real reason, other than it was what I started with, I have spent my entire creating years using all natural fibres and have not ventured into man made yarns, until now. The Ommul yarn is in fact an acrylic yarn, so this was an absolute first for me in terms of using it within my pieces or offering it as a product within Vada Blue. The BeWeave box really has allowed me to explore a little further then I usually might and I honestly couldn't go past this beautiful ombre yarn with stunning beaded tassel detail. This yarn is one of a kind, soft and oh so pretty. The shades of brown, purple and blue remind me of an icy winter morning which made it perfect for our June Winter BeWeave Box.

Next we had our beautiful Funky Chunky Alpaca core spun yarn. I knew this was going to be popular the moment I laid my hands on it. I hunted high and low for a chunky core spun yarn for BeWeave and was thrilled to find some at Fibre Naturally Alpaca Woollen Mill in Victoria, a small batch, boutique mill where they have their own heard of Alpacas. I couldn’t resist supporting their small business and those delicious soft white coils make for perfect winter clouds. This yarn is one of our exclusive products only found in the BeWeave Box

What is a winter’s day without a grey sky? Creating a winter weave also requires rolling fluffy storm clouds, meaning our grey wool top was always a must have in this box. Our Fine 23 Micron Merino top is a fan favourite and ideal for using across your different weaving techniques as well as spinning and felting.

Lastly, I couldn't think of a more obvious way to introduce a new shaped loom to you all. Our BeWeavers were given the first look at the new cloud shaped looms in the medium size. Just like our other shaped looms these beauties are designed to frame your weave and ensure a beautiful shape plus they just scream winter. The ideal candidate for our non---yarn product in this month’s BeWeave box.

Our inspiration makes this month where a lot of fun and included a small cloud loom, a medium cloud loom, large tapestry and even a hand spun coiled yarn with added ommul yarn detail. It’s amazing!

We have had loads of love for this month’s box. Both the stunning alpaca yarn and the ommul yarn are equal favourites and many BeWeaver’s have stated that this is their favourite box of all time!

Let’s see what some of our BeWeavers have said

Mine came today and I love it. I think it’s defiantly my favourite – Christine

Received my box today…. Beautiful. – Rebekah

Loved this box. It is my favourite – Deb

It’s not pink but I think it’s my favourite yet! - Emma

The inspiration makes for this box where lots of fun. I have created both a small and medium sized cloud weave, a large tapestry weave on my new Large Adjustable loom and some hand spun coiled yarn with Ommul yarn embellishments.

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