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Spring Fest - The October 2023 BeWeave Box

As we moved into Spring, one of my favourite seasons last year, there was an opportunity to play around with some beautiful bright colours that resemble the pretty colours of a spring bouquet.

I had a hard time showing restraint with all the possible colour combinations for a Spring themed box. In the end our October’s box was ‘Spring Bouquet’ featuring purple, green and orange. Lets take a look.

Colourful yarn flowers on tapestry weave
Spring Bouquet BeWeave Box Inspriation Project

Extra Fine Merino ‘Caprihana’ – This extraordinary green was the very first fibre selected for this box I loved it so much I planned the rest of the box around it. Extra Fine wool is super soft at 19 Microns and ideal for spinning, weaving or felting.

Extra fine Merino Blend ‘Women friends’– A delicious blend of merino wool full of shades in orange and yellow. This spring blend allowed me to bring extra colours to the box in the one fibre, plus it looks amazing when woven.

Miss noodle cotton tape ‘Meadow’ – Introducing a new green and a really cool new ribbon. I just love this stretchy cotton noodle ribbon, especially the pattern created from the knitted structure. Use this like any other ribbon to weave, knit or crochet with it.   

Chunky Merino Yarn ‘Violet & Lime” – A softly spun single yarn that looks great as flowers. Made from merino wool the thickness of this yarn also makes it ideal for a range of other knots such as soumak and twining. Our chunky Merino wool yarn is also popular for knitters who love chunky jumpers and cardigans.

Satin Ribbon ‘Apricot’– A hand torn satin ribbon approx. 5cm wide. Beautiful as bows and looped rya or create loose domes with a simple tabby (double warp works better for this or the centre of a round weave) 

Paper Raffia ‘Lilac’ – Raffia is a great way to add interest to your work. It comes in long strands and provides a more structured look, however is still easily malleable. Often used in basket weaving however it is still wonderful to use in tapestries and I love adding it to my fringes

Flower Loom – These simple to use flower looms, nicknamed the Bloom Loom, create beautiful yarn flowers using nearly any type of yarn or ribbon, including raffia.


This months inspiration project was a classic white weave with colourful fringe and bloom loom flowers attached.

The BeWeave Yarn and Fibre subscription box is ideal for tapestry weavers and macra weavers. You can join the fun here.

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