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Pretty in Pink - Unboxing our May BeWeave Yarn and Fibre Subscription

In line with mother's day and just because we do love a beautiful pink, our latest BeWeave box was full of pink, a pretty coral pink to be exact. With varying shades and textures, Mays subscription box was a real treat.

Many of our monthly Box incursions are exclusive to the boxes, especially in colour, but if you love what you see you can easily view our current product ranges via the links at the end.

Let's see what our BeWeave subscribers received in their box last month. If you love

BeWeave Yarn and Fibre Subscription
Our May BeWeave Subscription Box

Cotton Aari Ribbon – The big sister to your much loved cotton frizz, Aari ribbon has a similar concept except that it is wider at approx 2.5cm making it much flatter and less yarn like. This makes it very different visually as you see more of the ribbon itself which has a gauzy appearance with a really soft frayed edge. Unlike cotton frizz ribbon, Aari ribbon lends itself well to soumak and twining. This is due to the thickness and flatness of the ribbon which allows you to see the fluid movement of the weave in full detail.

Everything about this ribbon is perfect. The width, its softness and its lightly frayed edges. Aari ribbon works with all techniques and is a great source for bows too - why not try some luxe gift wrapping with it. .

Cotton Frizz – An absolute classic, this recycled cotton ribbon is much thinner and more frayed then the Aari ribbon and is much loved among weavers and rainbow makers due to its incredible texture. If you are a knitter or crocheter, its time to think outside the box. Cotton frizz ribbon creates beautiful bathmats and face washes too.

Wide Sari silk – With all the luxe of your standard sari silk but supersized at approx 5cm wide, I don't think you will find anything more luxurious then wide sari silk. Ideal for gift wrapping and big lush bows it is great for bulking up fringing, delicious bold loops and creates a beautiful bubble look when tightly woven in tabby or soumak. Due to the wonderful wide size of this sari silk ribbon you can also easily tear it down the middle to create two thinner pieces of ribbon.

As you only need a small amount to make an impact. This ribbon goes a long way.

Bobbiny Cotton Candy – The Vada Blue store had some new additions last month which included a range of Bobbiny braided cords and their newest product Cotton Candy. Each BeWeave Yarn and Fibre box was lucky enough to experience a sample of the super soft and fluffy cotton candy.

Bobbiny Cotton Candy is similar to a combed wool top except that it is made from cotton. The cotton sliver is incredibly soft and there is no doubt where the name came from as not only does each bundle look and feel like a cloud, it reminds you exactly of fairy floss.

You can use Cotton candy as you would a normal combed top however it does have more texture to it, so a simple tabby is all you need to do to get perfect cloud like bubbles throughout your weaving. I would also recommend using the Bobbiny Cotton Candy in smaller pieces as it is easier to manage without breaking.

Cotton Rope & String – Almost every BeWeave subscription box includes a small sample of string and ropes to add to your weaves. These small bundles are perfect for filling in spaces and bulking fringing which make them the perfect additions. The May BeWeave box included a super fine European cotton 5mm single twist string and a 5mm recycled cotton 3ply rope.

Pink String and rope bundles
String and Rope

Silk Cocoons – In addition to your expected range of ribbons and yarns, this month included something a little unusual to excite and delight. This took place in the form of silk cocoons. Each cocoon had been hand dyed and cut to create domed bell shapes.

Not only can these silk cocoons be spun into yarn if you are that way inclined, they also make for unique embellishments to add to your work, as seen on the inspiration project.

Mini Loom – The non fibre item this month was one of our cute shaped mini looms. The mini round loom is a great introduction to circular weaving and there are so many mini projects you can do with the mini circle loom, including door hangers and Christmas ornaments

For our inspiration project this month we did a round weave with bold fringing which incorporated the silk cocoon bells. Every product in the box was included in this months make. Below you can also see some of the creations by our fellow BeWeaver Kate @macrame_muma

Want to join BeWeave? You can do so here. If you do find that the BeWeave Yarn and Fibre subscription is sold out, don't despair, please join the wait list here to be notified of openings so you don't miss out. In the meantime you can also shop our wide range of ribbons and yarns here.

Love what you saw in Mays Box. You can see our range of colours across each product available to you here.

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