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Let Me Introduce You

It is with great pleasure that I can introduce you to DHG – Dyeing House Gallery.

In July of 2021 Vada Blue become an official reseller for DHG importing their premium quality yarns and fibres to enhance your handmade products across weaving, spinning, felting, macramé, knitting and crotchet.

From a small town in Tuscany, Prato, a love story of yarns, textiles, natural dyes and sustainable practices was born. Created in 2008, DHG emerged through the Colle Group, its parent company who have been in the business of dyeing yarn and fibres since 1952.

Besides their obvious expertise and delicious selection of yarns and fibres for every type of maker, DHG have a wide range of colours and their quality control is obvious in the look and feel of all their products.

There are so many reasons why we love DHG at Vada Blue and why we know you will too. Some of these are below.

- They are long standing, trusted, respected and experienced within the industry

- A passion for ecofriendly yarns and fibres

- Oeko-Tex standard 100 Certified

- Comply with GOTS 5.0 (Global Organic Textile)

- GRS certifications (Global Recycle Standard)

- Environmentally friendly packaging

- No Mulesing Certification

- Source Australian Merino Wool

See what I mean! They truly are amazing through and through and are exactly the type of partner Vada Blue is looking for when sourcing quality materials for your passion projects.

Now I have been using some DHG yarns amongst my own woven projects in the past, namely the beautifully soft Extra Fine Merino and the Piuma XL Yarn, so I knew exactly what I was in for with those. However, I had not had the pleasure of experiencing some of their other unique yarns until now. My samples have since arrived and I am of course in love (just as I knew I would be). I am so excited to be able to bring these to the shop and share them with you. These gorgeous yarns are now available in the store for you to try. For now, our colour selections are small however; this will not last long, with a wider range coming soon.

I hope you are as excited to try our new DHG range as I am for bringing them to you.

Happy making

Sarah x

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